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hile out hunting for gold, or just out roaming the desert, you probably have walked by a meteorite and weren't able to identify it. A suggestion, anything that looks out of place that is heavy and black may be a meteorite. Pack it back out with you and have it checked out to see if it is a meteorite

If you believe you have a possible meteorite that was found in Arizona, here is an address and phone number to help out during the identification process:
Arizona State University (ASU)
Center for Meteorite Studies
P.O. Box 872504
Tempe, AZ 85287-2504
(480) 965-3576

Over the last couple of years, meteorite hunting with a metal detector has become rather popular. The more popular units are probably the lesser expensive VLF detectors, but the PI (Pulse Induction) units work just as well or even slightly better. The fact is, most known meteorite strewn fields have been worked profoundly in the past, and the advantage now is to discover a new find or search old fields with detectors that can penetrate deeper into mineralized soil conditions. The PI units such as the Minelab SD & GP's work well in these areas. Prior to the use of metal detec

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